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Psykiatrien i Region SyddanmarkpilOM OSpilMental Health Services in the Region of Southern Denmark

Mental Health Services in the Region of Southern Denmark

 – a brief introduction

Mental Health Services in the Region of Southern Denmark offers assessment, diagnosis and treatment of citizens with serious mental disorders. In close and binding collaboration with the practice sector, the municipalities and the other healthcare service in the Region of Southern Denmark, the care pathway is planned and carried out as expediently as possible.

Mental Health Services in the Region of Southern Denmark has departments and functions across the region's 12,000 sq. km in southern Denmark. Approx. 2,900 employees work in the hospital which covers both community psychiatry and hospital psychiatry.

Departments and functions cover general psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry, geronto-psychiatry, forensic psychiatry, psychiatric emergency rooms, psychiatric information centres and centres for survivors of trauma and torture.

Also, the departments have a number of specialised teams such as early intervention teams, emergency teams, geronto-psychiatric teams, affective teams, geronto-neuropsychiatric clinics, clinic for suicidal persons, eating disorder teams, oligophrenia-psychiatric clinic, schizophrenia clinics, mobile teams and psychotherapeutic outpatient's clinics.

The departments and local psychiatric centres are located in large and small cities and towns in southern Denmark.The departments are typically located in the large cities, whereas the local psychiatric centres are placed in small towns, providing the local citizens with access to psychiatric care.


Focus points of the hospital

  • Comprehensiveness and coherence integrated across sectors
  • Reducing the use of coercive measures in treatment
  • Improved treatment and better health
  • The good workplace


Our key figures

  • 1,217 mio. inhabitants of the region of southern Denmark
  • Approx 2900 employees
  • 40.000 citizens in treatment (2017)
  • 537 beds (adults)
  • 47 beds (children)
  • A budget of approx 23 million euro


We are situated across the Region of Southern Denmark on these locations

Mental Health Services in the Region of Southern Denmark

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